otis birdy

Content Creator | Brand Consultant

Welcome to my portfolio:

As a Strategic Partner, I help companies optimize their Digital Presence and Communication in a world of innovation.

what i do create and offer

brand & design

cover arts

video production

web design

SoMe content



content creator

i help companies
optimize their
Digital Presence
and Communication
with quality content
and strategies.
and also having fun
some cool stuff. 💥

SoMe content

video production

cover art

logo design

instagram story

carousel & linkedin

I want to see all categories in an ordered way!
some references

worldwide success

'JIYAN: la vie' – trailer

film director-producer
one day, I wanted to take on a new and ambitious challenge:

make a zero-budget feature film and win awards.

after writing a script, finding the (non-professional) actors and putting together a team of 3 people, we arrived at our goal.

los angeles, new york, toronto, london, vienna, bali,...
it is 20 awards that we've won all over the world.

this confirms a valuable rule:
if you know how to tell a story and inspire people, the rest becomes a mere detail.
01. meet convivially

Every great adventure begins with a unique encounter and a common interest to exchange.

02. Situate precisely

for me, there is no further collaboration without having ascertained the client's position and objectives. i want to make sure that i am the ideal specialist for the project.

simply selling a service does not appeal to me.

this is why '02.' is an essential and beneficial phase for both parties.

03. focus effectively

Once the fundamentals are defined and the direction is agreed upon, it's time to take action.

I make sure to create the project with my team to the client's expectations (and needs).

That's when the magic happens.

i love to collaborate and make awesome content. let’s talk!

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