the creative impact at the core
- business-focused

"how do I make a striking and positive impact on my audience?"

this is the kind of question a business owner might ask - it is around this interest that I have built my expertise in 'creative business'.

simply 'creating' pretty visuals is not enough for effective marketing communication.

what a company needs for the effective development of its identity is a 360° biosphere, an orchestration of indispensable elements.

well, that's a good thing, because my expertise is similar to that of a maestro: that of orchestrating a project made up of marketing and creative specialists to create a surprising symphony.

- the love of the challenge

being a born creative, I have been stimulated from a young age by opportunities that challenge my thinking and my ideas.

today, the only field corresponding to my creative/solution interests is the 'creative business'

– A varied path for a specific focus

my creative and professional background is quite wide:

from graphic designer, brand consultant, video producer, art director, web content creator to web designer - everything was linked to the same focus:

create a strategic visual impact for a business.

so it was this broad generalized experience that allowed me to find my expertise:

brand consultant, strategist.

– ready for new challenges

does the description of my profile inspire you to a future collaboration for the growth of your business?

do you feel that I could be the person who will bring solutions to your communication issues?

i would be delighted to get to know you better and to discuss around a table. Do not hesitate to contact me via the form below.

i love to collaborate and make awesome content. let’s talk!

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