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JIYAN (life) – Movie

“Hey, how about you make a movie about what you saw with your eyes?”
> Challenge Accepted.

Here’s what came to mind one night at my house. At that time, my ambition was to make a film that I would propose to some film festivals in 2019. So I needed a script, a team, equipment and actors.

Today, we are a team of 4 professionals finalizing the film – composition of the soundtrack, post-production, etc. – to present it at various film festivals in 2019.


SYNOPSIS – A story inspired by real events

Nerol is a young Syrian minor who arrived in Europe without his parents. There he will experience a new life, meet new friends, meet love and feel the daily weight of his family and his country at war. JIYAN is the journey of a boy who will experience varied emotions, as pleasant as painful.

Trailer’s music composed by Otis Birdy

Directed by

Otis Birdy

Produced by


Co-produced by


Filmed by

Benjamin Brahovic ; Vincent Savoy ; Otis Birdy

Soundtrack composed by

Nicolas Bianco


2017 – today


Movie ; Video