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“Faded Night” ✨

"FADED NIGHT" Between curves and shadows. [cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"] // “Fascination.” ​The fascination is invisible to our eyes, intangible. And yet, throughout the history of humanity, it is the one who has always made us leave our reality, our trivial everyday life. Through books, films or photography or music, we are keen to disconnect and feel this emotion that we have never been able to describe. ​With “Faded Night”, I wanted to represent the fascination for the woman. The fascination of the feminine aura, for what I, as a man, don’t have and certainly never would have. As humans, we are always fascinated by what we do not possess. ​Through these clichés, I wanted to transmit this pinch of emotion of fascination to people by creating these visual representations.   Category Photography   Photography Otis Birdy Model Victoria Deslarzes
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“Goddesses” 🌗

"GODDESSES" A personification of Light and Death. [cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"] // I have always been fascinated by the personification of what one cannot physically see. ​In 2016, for the introduction of a music video, I saw the opportunity to create the personification of two symbols that fascinate me particularly: light and death. A team was therefore assembled to carry out this introductory sequence by precisely following the various sketches drawn for make-up, hairstyles and clichés to bring this final result. Light and death absolutely had to keep us fascinated by their physique, their poses, their presence and their gaze.   Category Photography   Art Direction Otis Birdy Project Assistant Yohan Delalande Make Up Noémie Delalande Haircut Vanessa Pellissier Photography Nikolas Kampmann Models Maeva Blum ; Chloé Forter
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“Chasing” 👁

"CHASING" Can’t escape. [cl_column width="2/3"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"] // Pictures taken during the shooting of the music video “Repercussions”. ​I wanted to create a sort of shadow secret organization constituted by Western style ninjas. I had the chance to collaborate with Parcours Lausanne, made up of agile and ambitious Free Runners. That day, the song “Repercussions” was never released. The original video is currently waiting to find a new opportunity to reveal itself to the people.   Category Photography Art Direction Otis Birdy Make Up Noémie Delalande Project Assistant Yohan Delalande Photography Patrick Güller Free Runners Yann Daout ; Vicky Schmidt ;
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